Why Rise to Invent was created?

Dr. A.R. Badwan realized there is a worldwide decline in innovation. He noticed that technology is reaching its limitations, ideas are not disruptive anymore, and services need to be faster and simpler.

On a personal level, Dr. Badwan believes we can improve the quality of life of every person in the world. For example, he finds it strange that in 2023, individuals still need to wait a long time to renew or issue documents or use the same technologies or systems from 20 years ago.

Dr. Badwan believes that human beings deserve better technology. For this reason, he created Rise to Invent (RISOVENT) project to change how we innovate. He wants RISOVENT to fast-forward our world into a highly advanced future where people can live the benefits of the 22nd century in the 21st century. He hopes that one day, RISOVENT can grow into something bigger than a project.