Who is Dr A.R. Badwan?

Dr. Abdul Rahman (A.R.) Badwan is an academic specializing in innovation, computer systems, entrepreneurship, and education. He enjoys mentoring apprentices and students to design systems and ideas that solve industries' most challenging problems.

Dr. Badwan taught 1500+ apprentices from different companies in the UK and undergraduate and postgraduate students. He delivered 20+ modules over the past 5 years. He also designed, led, and managed 13+ modules in computer science, innovation, business, and research methodologies. He also served as a programme leader for 3 different digital technologies and computer science programs. Finally, he supervised 31+ research projects.

Dr. Badwan specializes in entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial intentions, design innovation, and quantitative analytics. He has several research outputs in entrepreneurship and computer systems. Furthermore, he continuously delivers talks and seminars to staff and students.

Dr. Badwan earned his PhD. degree from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. He also possesses an MSc in strategy and innovation from the University of Southampton in the UK and an MBA in Leadership and Human Resources Management from the University of Dubai. Finally, he has a BSc degree in business administration from the University of Sharjah and an Associate Fellow teaching recognition from Advanced HEA.

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