Robots invading our classrooms

This is short audio note #10

Imagine a scenario where a robot enters a classroom and starts teaching students like humans. What are the implications and challenges of using robots as teachers? What is your opinion about this matter?

Becoming the next Tony Stark

This is short audio note #9

A student can become an inventor, billionaire, and philanthropist like Tony Stark

Why not?

Do not fear ChatGPT

This is short audio note #8

This short recording discusses the importance of effective assessment methods like project-based assessments in education. By using these methods, teachers can provide a more personalized learning experience for students, making it less relevant whether they use language models like ChatGPT or not.See all episodes

Transforming University Classrooms into Mini-Business Incubators

This is short audio note #7

University classrooms must be transformed to resemble mini-business incubators. Traditional classroom settings are no longer sufficient for preparing students to invent in the real world. By adopting the characteristics of a "mini-business incubator", classrooms can provide students hands-on experience and develop their invention skills, better equipping them for the future.

Use mentorship-based learning to revolutionize entrepreneurship education

This is short audio note #6

This short recording is about the Mentorship-based learning. It is one of the remaining powerful methods in entrepreneurship education. AI cannot replace entrepreneurship teachers' jobs if they use more mentorship practices in their classrooms.

Chat GPT and Teachers

This is short audio note #5

This short recording is about the benefits of Chat GPT on education, teaching and assessments.

Problem with the current entrepreneurship education

This is short audio note #4

This short recording is about the problem of using traditional teaching in entrepreneurship education at universities. Teachers should stop using this method and start using more mentorship practices during the entrepreneurship classroom.

A skill needed from the year 2025

This is short audio note #3

Artificial intelligence will take over more jobs. People must become more innovative because this is the only skill that AI cannot have. That is because imagination is a prerequisite that AI cannot (yet) imagine, envision, and have ambitions.

Entrepreneurial employees deserves more

This is short audio note #2

There are many employees out there who have an entrepreneurial mindset. These employees do not get enough support from their businesses due to their disruptive innovative mentality that might alter established business plans.

Instead of resisting these entrepreneurial employees, companies must give them the freedom to push the boundaries forward and change the game. That's how you grow in a market.

AI serving us

This is short audio note #1

AI will allow people to focus on what matters the most and that's creating innovative societies.